These snippets install MoinMoin in /tmp, replace the destination to your desired location.


All these commands assume that you are running them within the root folder of the wiki deployment. (I.e. that folder that contains the sub-folders pages, plugin, user, etc.)


This patch forces the parser to ignore camel-case words (for example CamelCase), and not transform them into page links. (Thus the user is forced to use [[CamelCase]] for page links.)

--- ./[original]/MoinMoin/parser/
+++ ./[patched]/MoinMoin/parser/
@@ -303,11 +303,11 @@
     (?P<tt_bt_text>.*?)  # capture the text
     `  # off
     %(interwiki_rule)s  # OtherWiki:PageName
 )|(?P<word>  # must come AFTER interwiki rule!
-    %(word_rule)s  # CamelCase wiki words
+    <<__disabled__:%(word_rule)s:__disabled__>>  # CamelCase wiki words

Increase restructured-text includes limit

Increasing this limit might allow an user (which already has write acess to your wiki) to use many include directives, thus leading to increased server load.

--- ./[original]/MoinMoin/parser/
+++ ./[patched]/MoinMoin/parser/
@@ -563,7 +563,7 @@
         # As a quick fix for infinite includes we only allow a fixed number of
         # includes per page
         self.num_includes = 0
-        self.max_includes = 10
+        self.max_includes = 100
     # Handle the include directive rather than letting the default docutils
     # parser handle it. This allows the inclusion of MoinMoin pages instead of