(MODAClouds) Puppet


This document is part of the MODAClouds deliverable D6.1, thus superseded by it.


This document was created in March 2013, thus its contents might be currently outdated.


This section is described in HPC Knowledge Base --- Puppet.

[Puppet-1]Puppet Labs
[Puppet-2]Puppet Labs -- What is Puppet?
[Puppet-3]Puppet Labs -- Big Picture
[Puppet-4]Puppet Labs -- What is Puppet? (slides)
[Puppet-5]Puppet Labs -- Glossary
[Puppet-6]Puppet Labs -- Reference Manual
[Puppet-7]Puppet Labs -- Tools
[Puppet-8]Puppet Labs -- Exported Resources
[Puppet-9]Puppet Labs -- Compare Puppet Enterprise
[Puppet-10]Puppet Labs -- System Requirements